Anaid Keshishian

Artist, polyglot, entrepreneur

Anaid is  a member of International Artists Union of Estonia. As awarded artist, her art is in private collections worldwide, mostly in the USA, Russia, Sweden, England, Estonia, Finland, Iran, Armenia, Israel and also is owned by  celebrities  such as Serj Tankian from SystemOfADown, by many famous Russian artist/singers among whom is Anton Dukhovskoy, etc.

”My life has  always  been a fun journey to my final destination, my mission. After 4 years of Business Administration in college, language studies (fluent in 8), living in different countries/continents, practicing dancing of all types, traveling the world, I discovered my true mission in life, which was Art! Since then, my life was never the same as I found my true passion, my way of expressing my feelings by few words, but lots of actions! I consider myself as expressionist as my art is all about bright colors and positive energy!”



Athens, Estonia and S:t Petersburg, autumn 2016

Gallery Magno Art Stockholm July 2016

2016  Guest of honor on Art Week ArtFest in Armenia with master class and TV press conferences, interviews on National TV

2016  TV Programme about Anaid K art on Russian TV

2015  Trefneri aula, Tartu Estonia

2015  St.Petersburg, Russia

2014  Galleri Draken, Stockholm Sweden

2014  Helsinki, Finland

2014  Vanemuine, Tartu Estonia

2013  Guest of honor at `Lehesaju` international festival, Estonia

2013  Red Bank Gallery, NJ USA

2013  Phyllis Harriman Gallery, NYC USA

2012  Cover of a poetry book by Silje Timofeeva, Estonia

2012  Salme Keskus, Tallinn Estonia

2012-2014 Art Student League NYC